Joey Frasca   I had a massive strike this morning about 6:45. Hit it very hard, striped line, before I knew what was happening it was all over but the adrenaline.

The boil the bass made was twice the size of a garbage can lid! It came fast and hard!!! Love those type of strikes!!!
The lure, came flying back at about 70 miles an hour, right past my head!!


Man! my heart was racing and I struggled to figure out what had just happen.

Man oh man, what a great time I had!! That's what surface Bass fishing is all about!! Loved every seconded of it.

Jeremy, I figure, the bass had to be about 8 lbs. Im sure my weight gauge is dead on, you have to remember I'm fishing every week and I catch many bass over five pounds.

The bass would take nothing else this morning!! I was fishing with other lures this morning but they wouldn't strike at a single thing! UNTILL I TIED ON A BAL FROG!!!